Monday, June 30, 2008

How to Better Love your Wife

My wife is not feeling well right now. This has caused me to contemplate a few things. First of all, I clearly recognize that men and women are different. I have no shame in stating this. I believe that God has purposefully created us differently and I praise Him for it. However, that can also be an issue at times. Since we are different, sometimes I am not sure how to better love my wife. I would love to hear some practical ways you demonstrate how you love your wife. I want to be the husband that God has ordained for me to be which means I am to love her as Christ loved the church. So what are your thoughts on how to practically live this command in Scripture out in marriage?

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BillyB said...

Christ so loved the church that he gave his life for her. Giving my life for my wife, which is how I am to love her means I am to put aside all selfishness. Pleasing her in all I do is to be my goal. Guiding her toward the Father is to be my life's ambition.

I guide her toward the Father by example and word. I am to encourage her. I am to pray for her. I am to realize that just as the Church is God's gift to Jesus, my wife is God's gift to me.

Just as Jesus nurtures the church, I am to nurture my wife.

God created my wife for me because He loves me. I treasure her. I think about her all the time. My actions are tempered by my relationship to her.

My relationship with God gives me direction in how I should practically live this command, to love my wife. If I'm not loving my God rightly, I can never hope to love my wife rightly.

Cherish the gift. That's the way.