Friday, April 24, 2009

It's a Boy

Well, it's been about a month since I've blogged and I've thought several times how I could blog about this or that. I'm not jumping back into blogging, but I did want to give a personal update for those who care. We went to the doctor yesterday for an ultrasound to see how the baby's developing and, if possible, to determine the sex of the baby. By God's grace they were able to see clearly (they said) that our baby due to be seen outside the womb in August is a little boy. We would appreciate your continued prayers for the baby and the mommy and the big sister who's extremely excited.


BoldLion said...

It is a wonderful news! I would love to see him when he comes into the world!

We all miss you all so much!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Wil Owens said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!! We're praying for you guys and the little one!

Pastor Randy said...

Thank you both. We are very excited. We're already praying God would use him mightily for His glory.