Friday, April 23, 2010

Applying the Gospel

I woke up this morning with a glorious thought. The thought came with mixed feelings as I thought more about it, but nevertheless the overwhelming feeling is gratefulness and joy. The thought was that every sin I will commit today was paid for on the cross by Christ! When the Scripture says, "For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God", it means all the sins I have ever or will ever commit. Jesus truly did pay it all!

However, I said there were mixed feelings this morning. While the truth of the gospel needs to be believed and applied in my life today, the fact remans that Jesus DID die for those sins. In other words, I am also broken hearted because the sins I commit today Jesus paid for on the cross. Every time I sin today, tomorrow, and everyday for the rest of my life, is a reminder of the suffering that my Savior, Christ Jesus, went through to purchase me and reconcile me to the Father. That is a sobering thought. That is a heart breaking reality. That makes me want to fight against the inclinations to sin in my own life and seek to obey Him who is worthy.

So that glorious thought this morning comes with joy, and with great sorrow. Thank you Jesus for purchasing such an unworthy sinner!


Pastor Dan Rolfe said...

Great thoughts, Randy. I once asked one of my daughters what she would say if she died, stood before God, and He asked her, "Why should I let you into My heaven?" (you know, the old Evangelism Explosion question). Her answer floored me. She said, "I would tell Him that He shouldn't."

That girl understands grace better than many seasoned church folks!

Pastor Randy said...

That's fantastic! My daughter surprises me at what she's picked up on already as well.