Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Books on the Church

I asked a question recently to get some feedback from friends on Facebook, Twitter, and through this blog. I plan to preach a series soon on the local church and wanted to find out what books were recommended. Below is a list of books that were suggested. I have not read a lot of these books, so I cannot necessarily endorse them, but here they are.

Total Church

Biblical Eldership

The Deliberate Church

What is the Mission of the Church

What is a Healthy Church Member?

What is a Healthy Church?

The Church and the Surprising Offense of God's Love

When the Church was a Family

Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church

9 Marks of a Healthy Church

Dangerous Church

For the City

Vintage Church

The Trellis and the Vine

Elders and Leaders

Biblical Foundations for Baptist Churches

40 Questions about Elders and Deacons

Church Planting is for Wimps

I'm sure there are more to be added. Any suggestions still?

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