Monday, September 24, 2012


Over the past several months I've been preaching a sermon series on the local church that I called "A Display of God's Glory." In this series we've covered several areas, and I had planned to preach a sermon on how we should view and treat the children in our congregation. That one sermon turned into three. So far, I've preached the first two of these sermons (below) and will finish this weekend.

Let the Children Come: Part 1 

Let the Children Come: Part 2

As a father I have been extremely challenged by the Scriptures about what the Lord expects from me in this area. In my home I have to make sure that I am fixed on Christ so that I can also point my wife and children to Him. Through this conviction I am working on being a better husband and father in my home. Included in this is being more intentional about leading my family in regular family worship times. Here are a few resources I'm either using now, have used in the past, or are beneficial for thinking through family worship.

The Big Picture Story Bible (by David Helm)

ESV Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible (by Sally Lloyd-Jones)

Training Hearts and Teaching Minds (by Starr Meade)

The Family Worship Book (by Terry Johnson)

Family Worship in the Bible, in History, and in your Home (by Donald Witney)

A Children's Catechism (by Wil Owens)

A Baptist Catechism (by John Piper)

Do you have any resources you'd recommend for family worship?

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