Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Five Areas I have Focused on for Revitalization

When I first came to CLBC in September 2010 I was told the road ahead would be difficult. There was much change and refocusing that needed to take place. If I'm honest, I came into this more blind than with a particular plan. In fact, after 27 months I really don't know that I have a plan at this point! However, I did consult several friends to ask for advice. I read books and articles, and talked with pastors, church planters, church revitalizers, and church re-planters. Through the process I was connected with Joe Thorn, whose story and situation is different than mine, but he suggested 5 areas to focus on that were of great help. Below are those five things. I feel fairly confident that he and I would apply these differently given the fact that our contexts are different. However, I found them extremely helpful. By the way, I found advice from others very helpful as well. These just seemed to sum up where I felt I should focus.

I have been asked by several people through email, Facebook, twitter, or phone calls to share what I have focused on in attempting to revitalize our church. In the upcoming posts I plan to share some of what I did in an attempt to implement these things, but for this post here are those 5 areas.

1. Gospel Recovery and Centrality

2. Missions Emphasis and Strategy

3. Worship Culture and Structure

4. Leadership Development and Deployment

5. Community Life Defined and Implemented

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