Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Getting Healthy...Again

Many of my close friends, family members, and church know I have struggled with poor eating habits. A couple years ago I lost a bunch of weight with help (you can read about it here and here). However, since then I have completely dropped the ball and gained all the weight back. It's a struggle for me. But it's also sin. I struggle with gluttony. And I know I can't fight it alone.

I am now starting back on the journey of being healthier. I realize it's not a diet, but a change in my lifestyle. I have asked two friends (Joe Thorn and my chairman of deacons) to hold me accountable as I seek to lose this weight (as well as my gracious, loving wife!).

I just revisited this post by Joe and hope to implement some of this as well. It's good. You should read it!

I also welcome your prayers. Since this is also an issue of sin I know I need the help of the Holy Spirit to fight against my flesh and sinful desires.

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