Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Launching Community Groups

Tonight with Redeemer Church we will have our first Community Group. I've envisioned these for quite some time, so I'm excited to see them finally beginning. Like many things in my plans, they don't always happen the way I think they will! For instance, I am hosting the Community Group in my home, yet we've had sickness in the home all week and so we are having our first one on the church campus (clearly wasn't the plan!). However, we are still moving forward trusting the Lord in these things.

I thought it may be helpful to flesh out what we plan to do in these groups and why I'm calling them Community Groups. That name is intentional for us, and will be used in three ways. Our threefold purpose in these groups is to build community within the body of Christ, reach out to the community with the gospel, and transform the community through ministry projects. Though I have yet to see this flesh itself out, I am planning to structure these groups around these things.

Therefore, each time our group meets we will have a time of fellowship and simply hanging out together. I hope this fosters friendships and closeness within our church. We will also have a time of purposeful prayer for our community and one another. We will share any gospel opportunities we've had over the last week. We will also have a time of bible study/discussion. And we will seek together to come up with ministry projects/opportunities in SWFL that will help us transform our community with ministry projects.

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