Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Preach?

Over the past several days I have told many people that I am really struggling because I miss preaching on a regular basis. However, as I was praying last night and thinking through some Scriptures, I realized that I was preaching pridefully. Here's what I mean (in way of confession). There is a joy for me to get up and proclaim the Word of God (which is not a bad thing). However, the Bible says that some are called as preacher/teachers to equip the saints. Here's where the Lord really convicted me last night and throughout today. Do I really love God AND people? Actually, if you truly love God you WILL love people. But is my motivation for preaching based on that. In other words, do I preach just to get the point of the text across (obviously of great importance)? Or do I love the people enough to seek their understanding of the text so that it will be applied to their lives and they will be conformed into the image of Christ? It seems like such a fine line there, but it's there nonetheless. If I get up and preach week in and week out, but care not about the affect it has on those who hear, am I really preaching with the right motives? I think the answer is clear. I want to confess that I have preached too many times without thinking and hoping for the proper application of the Word of God. I have preached too often with the desire to hear that it was good and that I handled the text accurately (again, very important). But I have not desired enough to see the Word of God enter into the hearts of men and women so that they would change as a result. So, why preach? For the glory of God! For the salvation and sanctification of His people. Lord help us all to preach Your Word with passion and accuracy so that many more will worship You because of it.

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Summer O. said...

Praise God for His kindness that leads to repentance.

Good post, Randy. Thanks for sharing what God is speaking to your heart :-)