Monday, July 7, 2008

Youth Camp

This week I have an opportunity to preach at a youth camp for FBC Metropolis, IL. My former youth pastor, Cliff Easter, invited me to speak here this week. We've decided to preach and focus on the cross all week. I will be preaching 8 times in five days. Here are the messages:

How will you Hear? (Luke 8)
The Cross and Our Sin (Genesis 3)
The Cross and God's Sacrifice (Hebrews 9)
The Cross and God's Sovereignty (Isaiah 53)
The Cross and God's Glory (Ephesians 1)
The Cross and Justification (Romans 5)
The Cross and Boasting (Galatians 6)
The Cross and Missions (1 Corinthians 1)
We are also going to have a small group time where everyone will read and discuss C. J. Mahaney's book The Cross Centered Life. We would certainly appreciate your prayers. If I can post through the week I will, if not, I'll try to give a summary after Friday.

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pastor justin said...

excellent. I'm praying for you and look forward to hearing how it went.