Monday, September 29, 2008

Being Missional

Why is it that this word is used in normal context for church plants but rarely do I hear it (could be I don't listen well) used for established churches? In Ed Stetzer's book Planting Missional Churches he talks about missional like this, "Missional implies taking the approach of a missionary--being indigenous to the culture, seeking to understand and learn, adapting methods to the mission field--but winding up in the biblical form of a church. And, although the form is highly flexible, the purpose is the same: to see a biblical church planted in a local culture." I don't think this is something that ought to be reserved to church plants. This is simply what the church is to be. To take this a step further, every Christian is to be missional in the sense of knowing the culture so that you can take the gospel to the people. This is not a calling for a pastor/church planter; it's a characteristic of a believer. Am I missing something?

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