Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scripture Memorization

In the internship that I am a part of from Open Door Baptist Church we have to memorize 2 Timothy this semester and Titus next semester. Also, at Christ Baptist Church, which we will be members of in a few weeks God-willing, we are memorizing John 14. To aid with this I have consulted this which is written by Andrew Davis, pastor of FBC Durham. The important thing to remember is the reason for memorizing Scripture. As one of our elders said this morning, we are not memorizing Scripture together for some sort of competition. Rather, we memorize Scripture so that we will have something to always think about to constantly help us preach to ourselves and help conform us into the image of Christ. I would challenge all who read this to find portions of Scripture to memorize. This is a spiritual discipline that cannot be overlooked for the one who sees the importance of being holy as God is holy.

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