Saturday, October 18, 2008

Surveying the Wondrous Cross Conference

The Surveying the Wondrous Cross conference began last night with messages from Justin Childers and Dan Rolfe. You can go to the Christ Baptist Church Sermons site to hear those, plus the ones to be preached today, plus other sermons by Justin Childers and Jonathan Brooks. Unfortunately I'll miss today, but last night was well worth listening to. Justin's sermon from Romans 3 proved challenging and encouraging in the gospel. Dan's message from Galatians 6:14 showed the sufficiency of the cross of Christ without any help. When we add works to the cross we are saying the cross is either meaningless or, at best, insufficient. Take time to hear these sermons. Jason Sessoms will continue to lead in music today and messages from Jonathan Brooks and Justin Nale still await. Praise God for faithfulness and focusing on the cross of Christ.

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