Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I figure if I put it on here there is some accountability. I've started running. Today was the first day and I ran a mile and walked a mile. I'm trying to take it serious this time as I want to honestly get into better shape. I figured it up today and I want to lose a total for 60 pounds from this past Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). So, well see how that works. Today, it was cold. I learned very quickly that I need to get some better things to run in (any suggestions?) or else I'll freeze or something. I also realized that hills are more difficult to run up and down. Now this post has wasted much space and your precious time, I'll keep you posted as things continue.

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BoldLion said...

I don't have anything to suggest for running since I am not suppose to run due to my knee injury and surgery.

But I am very glad that you can and are exercising which is good for you.

I too need to exercise such as playing golf (if the green grow in my pocket), fast walking or hiking. I would rather be walking miles to miles at the beach with my dog.

I do hope that you will be able to hang in there and lose some weight too. You look great just the way you are.

In Christ Alone,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion