Monday, December 1, 2008

Working on Discipline

It takes work to be disciplined. If it came natural, it wouldn't have to be a discipline. However, I have realized much over the years about how undisciplined I am in most areas of life. Wouldn't you agree that to be disciplined in one area almost always means you have to be disciplined in another area? For instance, to be disciplined in reading means you have to be disciplined in time management. Or, to be disciplined in getting up early to spend time with the Lord means to be disciplined to go to bed at a decent time to get enough sleep. When it comes to studying, I'm learning that for me it means to be disciplined in how and what I eat, to exercise more, and to get proper sleep (I'm sure there is far more). Any suggestions on how to better discipline myself for the purpose of godliness?

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