Monday, February 9, 2009

12 Ways to Use Your Tongue for the Glory of God

Yesterday morning I preached James 3:1-12 about the use of the tongue. I stated that the main issue for the tongue is actually a heart issue. Jesus stated this very clearly in Matthew 12:33-35. So the main problem is that we need to rid our sinful hearts of the things of this world and fill them with the things of God.

I concluded my message with 12 ways to use our tongues for the glory of God:
1. Prayer
2. Praise and Thanksgiving
3. Singing Songs for the glory of God and the benefit of His people
4. Reading Scripture
5. Reciting Scripture that is hidden in your heart
6. Confessing sin to God and to one another
7. Encouragement
8. Edification
9. Proclaiming the gospel
10. Confronting a wayward brother or sister in Christ
11. Teaching the Scriptures to others
12. Defending against false doctrine
Of course there are other ways, but I hope this helps.

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BoldLion said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! I know there is more but great!

Keep on preaching His Word to us!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion