Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Question

What do you feel is the most effective way for a church to be involved with international missions? I'm thinking in terms of adopting a people group, short-term missions, partnerships with missionaries, etc.


Pastor Tommy said...

All of the above, seriously. What has happened at Center Grove is we of course support the cooperative program, but we've also adopted missionaries from other organizations (MAF, Campus Crusade, etc...) We have short term trips, we pray for the people of the countries where we support missionaries, we work with Search and See in Kenya. Some people support all of it, some support particular parts.

BoldLion said...

Hi! Randy!

Maybe you were too busy watching UNC-Carolina games and didn't have time to do the Friday's Question! I had been looking forward to read what kind of question that you want to ask of us!

Yes! The March Madness is in the air, and I am looking forward to NCAA and the Final Four for UNC-Carolina in every way! Go Heels!

Hungry to eat His Word!
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Pastor Randy said...


I didn't forget. I have been pretty swamped the last couple of weeks with school and church. I'll get back on it by next Friday, God-willing. And of course I'm right with you for UNC!