Monday, March 2, 2009

How Do You Read?

I have always been a slow reader. In fact, I never read an entire book until I was 21 years old (after high school and only once I came to faith in Christ). I also have often times struggled remembering much of the content that I do read. However, recently I've been working on trying to read more efficiently. Some books require that I read every word and others do not. So I'm curious, how do you read? Do you read every word of every book? Do you just make sure you get the point of the book? If you do speed through some books, has that ever affected your reading of Scripture?


Anonymous said...

I read slowly too. I often have to read a paragraph and sometimes even a particular sentence multiple times.
I, like you, never read a book in it's entirety until after high school.

Like you as well, I have recently been working on how to read better. I do read every word. Usually even the copyright pages and all the endorsements, etc.

I have especially been working on retaining the information after reading. I will always read with pen in my hand. I have found it useful to try and summarize all the main points as I go. So I will take a minute after I read each few paragraphs and write out in the margin the main thoughts found there.

Then after I read each each chapter (before moving on the next) I will review what the main points of that chapter were. (This has proved extremely helpful in my bible reading as well)

Both of those practices help me tie the author's case together that he/she are trying to build.

BoldLion said...

I am a slow reader too! Mostly depending on what kind of book!

I was born a bookworm! I love to read all the time. Grew up without TV at home (not counting boarding school).

I started reading more and more theology books or John Piper's, John MacArthor and others in the years of 2005 and still reading. I got a lot to catch up and need 3 months pay vacation to catch up all the reading. Slow reading in this kind of book because I am eating it and learning from it.

Before 2005 that I was more into Christian fiction like George MacDonald that was written in the 1800's. C.S. Lewis books and other wonderful godly ones. But none of the newest Christian fiction books.

I am a fast reading on fiction only.

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Pastor Randy said...


Thanks for that. I need to work out a better system. I do think it varies depending on what you're reading and why you're reading it.


I think you're right. It seems easier/quicker to read fiction than a book with much theology. I don't read many books like that at all which could be why I don't read very fast.