Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Owen Daniel Alston

After many months of thinking, praying, and discussing a name for our new son, we've settled on Owen Daniel. Several years ago I heard John Piper talk about picking and learning from a great (dead) theologian. Years ago I decided that theologian would be John Owen for me. John Owen was a great gift to the church as his works are still read and enjoyed by many today. He had an unbelievably sharp mind and a love for Christ and His glory that surpassed that of many others. Therefore, we named our son Owen. Daniel, of course, is from the Daniel in the Scriptures. In his youth Daniel stood firm in his faith against the temptations to turn away. He rejected the goods and the decrees of the king in order to remain faithful to his Lord. His faith was strong at such a young age that it almost cost him his life.

My prayer for Owen Daniel has been that his mind would be as sharp and his faith as strong as these men. I have prayed that God would see fit to raise him up to be a devoted follower of Christ and a great gift to the church. We rejoice that this blessing is here and that, by God's grace, he's been entrusted to our care and upbringing. While I have no idea what it is that God will call Him to be, I pray it's a follower of Christ before everything else. May God be gracious in this and raise up young Owen Daniel to stand firm in his faith and to lead others in the ways of the Lord. I pray God would see fit to display His glory throughout his life. Thank you Lord for this gift. We commit him to you.


Wil Owens said...

At first I thought you had meant to write "Owens Daniel Alston" naming your son after another "great" one! LOL!

Congrats bro! I join you in thanking God for the blessing and praying that he will be a giant for the Lord!

bethsessoms said...

Congratulations Randy and Shannon and of course Miss Abigail. We are so happy for you guys! Jason, Beth and Adele

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I know you are all very excited to have Owen Daniel. Wayne, Dawn, and I miss you very much. Take Care.

Anders Branderud said...
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Pastor Randy said...

Thanks Wil, Beth, and Grace. We're really exacted about the blessing God has given us.