Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Should Church Planting Really Be Different?

I am curious to know if church planting really should be all that different from pastoring an established church? What makes it so different as far as the philosophy/methodology is concerned?

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Anonymous said...

What makes church planting different is that its a clean slate. What stays the same are the beliefs. What changes are the methodologies. In existing churches where the vision has leaked over time people latch onto the method. With a lack of a "why" people will latch on to the "how". This is why churches will split over seemingly petty issues. The other thing that is different is the focus on evangelism. New churches by their very nature are more evangelistic. It's a matter of survival. If they don't evangelize they die. Existing churches have to balance evangelism with keeping the those in the church happy. Sad but true in most cases. Good question. Hope that helps.