Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Poem

A few years ago I wrote a poem to be read to our church at Christmas. I read it for our new church last night at our Christmas Eve service. I hope it will minister to you as well.

The Night that Changed the World

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,
And man was created; from God came his birth,
Woman would follow from the rib of the man,
And they’d walk together through the garden, hand in hand.

But then came the serpent; craftier than all,
He tempted the woman, and caused her to fall,
Deep into sin and Adam would follow,
The fruit was forbidden, but now they would swallow.

Satan had won, at least it would seem,
And God was defeated and this was his scheme,
But God was aware of all that would come,
He had prepared to send forth His Son.

The promise of death would be their reward,
For turning on God and on His great word,
Now there is the promise of the One who would be,
Greater than all; than Satan you see.

When He comes He will crush Satan’s head,
And redeem the creation; that’s what God had said,
The curse would be great and all would be hurt,
And man would now die, and return to the dirt.

But with every child came the hope of the One,
When would He come?  Where is the Son?
But as time went by it seemed God had lied,
He turned on His creation and many had died.

Slaves in a land; it’d last for so long,
But nowhere was one to be found that was strong,
Enough to destroy the stronghold of sin,
That stained every man from entering in,
A relationship with God like before,
 So still man would wait for One to adore.

And then there was Moses, he was so great,
He must be the One; it was God’s fate,
But Moses would pass and still there was sin,
So the people rebelled against God once again.
But Joshua came and he gave them more hope,
But soon it would fade and they could not cope.

We need a judge; he’ll be our king,
To him we will glory, to him we will sing.
But that’s not God’s plan and soon they would see,
That God was the Judge; He’d set His people free.

David was a man after God’s heart,
He’d lead all the people; he did his part,
But they would reject Yahweh once more,
And face exile from their land, and live with the poor.

Now comes the prophets, their message was hard,
“Repent from your sins! Return to the Lord!”
Nebuchadnezzar can’t stand against God,
And soon he would fall with only a nod.

The Creator had promised, and soon it would come,
God’s chosen people would return to their home.
And more and more prophets would come on the scene,
At last there was Malachi, and what he said he did mean.

Then there was Mary, so young and still pure,
She was engaged, but her future was sure,
To be unlike any other person we’ve known,
For she would give birth to God’s very own.

Joseph was righteous;  he'd keep her from shame,
He’d divorce her quietly and cause little pain.
But God would send word that would change Joseph’s life,
“Do not fear to take Mary as your wife.”

So they both went on and the time did draw near,
The Creator of all was about to be here.
No where to go; no room in the inn,
His name will be Jesus, for He will save His people from their sin.

Mary gave birth to her firstborn son,
And now the Shepherds heard what God had done,
A bright light shone and angels filled the sky,
Giving praise for the One who was born from on high.

God became flesh, who would have thought,
That God’s Son would die so that all could be bought,
With the precious blood of God’s Son the King,
The One who was born, eternal life He did bring.

So that night was unlike any other in history,
The Word became flesh, revealing the mystery,
Christmas time is about His great name,
So let’s join in and spread His great fame.

Two thousand years have now past us by,
But still we recall that the Savior did die,
Think of His birth; and this we will herald,
As we recall the night that changed the world.

By Rev. Randy Alston

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