Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Second Office

I wish I thought through why I work away from my office like Tim Brister has (read it here). With that being said, I have thought through this to some degree. My church has graciously provided me with a wonderful office. There I have most of my books, a great desk, wireless internet, and a wonderful secretary.

However, there are times when I know I want to be out 'in the world' around us. I have pushed for almost 7 months now that we want to be a people who care about taking the gospel to those around us. Therefore, I have been intentional about going to Starbucks on a regular basis (at least once, preferably more) every week. Within a few miles from our church location, I have 2-3 choices of Starbucks, so I try to primarily visit the same one every time. This particular one is extremely busy, so it makes it difficult to meet too many of the same people. I have recently been able to talk with a few people I've seen here several times, and when it does calm down just a bit, I have been able to talk with a few of the employees.

The conversations I've been able to engage in have proved to be an encouragement to me in my gospel endeavors, and a challenge realizing that 'religious' conversations are much different here than where I'm from (North Carolina). I'm used to living in a place (Bible Belt) where most everyone has some sort of understanding of Jesus and the gospel. That is not the case in Fort Myers, FL. I have had several conversations in my short time here proving that this is indeed a place where the church must get out into the community. There are people all over this area who have no idea what a hymnal is, or what it means to go to church. Friends, I no longer live in a place where most people claim some sort of belief in Jesus.

I live in a place where the gospel needs to spread. I live in a place where the church needs to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. I live in a place where this is easier said than done, but I am making small attempts to be used by God in the local Starbucks in our community. Would you please pray for me? Would you pray for our church? Would you pray for the other local churches in our area? There is no way that I, or my church, will reach this area without partnering with other churches in the area.


Debbie James said...

Very good post! Sometimes we forget that people in different areas have different experiences than those of us from the 'bible belt.' Praise God for recognizing the need to share and stepping up.

Pastor Shrek said...

I love your thought process ! I think the same things.