Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gospel Driven Church

One more quote from The Deliberate Church:
And now the million-dollar question: Is it replicable? Can you do this with your church? Of course--not because its's a plug and play program, and certainly not because of any brilliance of our own in coming up with a transferable model. It's replicable because it is scriptural and plain. No matter what size your church is, or where you're located, or what kind of people you're ministering to, you can always be deliberate about being Gospel driven and Gospel governed in everything you do. It's not dependent on discovering the spiritual and cultural preferences of a target audience. You don't have to implement a synthetic curriculum, or be an incredibly creative thinker, or even be the most charismatic leader. You just have to trust that Jesus will build His church by the agency of His Spirit and by the power of His Gospel without buying the newest program or following the most popular trend.

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