Monday, May 26, 2008

The Providence of God

Tomorrow night we will pick back up in Philippians. I am excited to see the group after taken last Tuesday off to celebrate my anniversary with my wife. As usual, when studying the Scriptures God convicts hearts and attitudes. It's amazing to me that Paul's imprisonment in Philippi is actually used by God for the furtherance of the gospel. Paul says that what has happened to him has really served to advance the gospel. This the single mindedness of Paul. I'm suffering and imprisoned for the gospel, so I keep preaching! God was not caught off guard by Paul being in prison. In Acts 16 Paul was forbade by the Holy Spirit to go into Asia Minor because He had a plan in Macedonia. Here in Philippians Paul is imprisoned and recognizes that it's for the advancement of the gospel. God has providentially worked in the life of Paul to accomplish the advancement of the gospel to the whole imperial guard. O to have the joy and assurance in Christ as Paul did.  O to trust in the providence of God in all situations.

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Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night as well. Oh, the providence we have seen here lately. Very exciting to see God's hand at work. Thankfully not through the bars of a prison... yet.