Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Question

Last week I began taking Friday to ask a question. Here is this week's question:
What doctrine do you think is the most neglected in the church today? How can we recover it?
Thanks for answering. I hope this becomes a good time of discussion and reflection.


Anonymous said...

Unity (Eph 4.3, 13; 1 Cor 1.10; 1 Pet 3.8).

Hands down.

Pastor Randy said...

Good point. I believe you are right in that it's a major issue in churches today.

Pastor Tommy said...

Church discipline, if we are to be the pure bride of Christ, we must restore biblical church discipline.

Discipline is not a negative word, but what is needed to maintain order so that we might grow in the image of Christ.

Pastor Randy said...

Absolutely Tommy. What are your thoughts on bringing a church back to the place of seeing it as important and necessary?

Pastor Tommy said...

We have to love each other enough, to take the difficult steps of discipline. We need to quit allowing people to misuse Matthew 7:1 and challenge them to take up the whole council of scripture.

Church discipline is more than just confronting the blatant sin, discipline should be occurring in every message, in everything we do as a church. For in essence, all discipline is is teaching. "Teaching them all things which I have commanded you."

Pastor Randy said...

Thank Tommy. So we have unity and church discipline (which are connected). I wonder if there are any other thoughts about what doctrine/practice/emphasis is lacking the our churches.