Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Blog?

Tonight at the internship with Open Door Baptist Church some discussion came up that caused me to think once again about why I blog. If I'm honest, I have to say that often times I blog simply because I started this thing and people (though few) expect to see something when they come to this site. However, that was not my original purpose. My original purpose was to have another way to minister to the local church that God had called me to shepherd. After leaving my first church I changed blogs and just did it because I had been doing it. Then I went through this time of talking about church planting since that was my plan and I had no desire to really go anywhere else. As usual, God's immediate plan was different. So now I'm pastoring a church in Pulaski, VA and still blogging. But, is there really a purpose in this blog?

My answer has to be yes (or else I'll stop all together). And the reason is to use this as a means to minister to others so that they will treasure Christ above everything else. The reason is that God has called me to first and foremost shepherd the flock of FBC. However, I pray God will use this for His glory and the joy of His people. So with that being said, I may begin to blog less frequently (like I have for the past couple of weeks), but I hope to blog more substantially. This semester for school I am taking classes on Gender Roles, Missions, Evangelism, and an internship focused on the ministry of the Word. I am also preaching through James right now and we are studying Philippians on Wednesday evenings. I hope over the next few months to post on things that I've learned through the studies that I think would help others to treasure Christ.


jasonsessoms.com said...

Finally something substantial.

Just wanted to drop a line of encouragement.


Pastor Randy said...

I love the edification from my dear brother in the Lord. I hope you are doing far better than you deserve. :)

BoldLion said...

I enjoy reading your blog for number of reasons.
1) They point to Christ.
2) They are sharing the Gospel of Christ to other that might wind up seeing in your blog that you might not have met.
3)Who you are in Christ to share your experience with others!
4) Many more!

I am thankful that you do blog and sharing with others about Christ!

Keep on writing and I will keep up with you all and still checking on your lovely wife's blog too.

I write my blog not only because I love to write but to share the Gospel out there too.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry at FBC too.
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Pastor Randy said...

Thank you for the encouragement Guerite. I'm hoping this is for God's glory.