Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Firm Foundations for your Faith

I am preparing a sermon series at FBC on firm foundations. I am still working through the layout, but would love to hear some thoughts from you. If all goes as planned, I'll probably begin this in February. Here is what I have thus far and may change this list by addition or deletion of what is there. What am I missing? What would you take away?

1. The Word of God (Bible)
2. God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)
3. Man (creation, Fall, depravity)
4. Christ (Son of God, Substitue, Redeemer)
5. Salvation (grace, faith, repentance, etc.)
6. Church (body, bride, family)
7. Future (Christ's return, judgement, final salvation)

Update: It looks like I have at least 25 sermons working through this at this point. I'm sure some will change. I may combine, delete, or add some still. Thanks for the suggestions.

Also, you do not need to know me to make suggestions. I would welcome any serious thoughts on this subject.


Scott Welch said...

looks great! it will be a great series. the only topic I can think of to possibly add is spiritual warfare. I'm preaching Philippians right now and will probably finish up end of Feb. or March. I'm thinking about doing a series on heaven (per reqeust of church member). one of my oldest members came to me last Sunday and said he sure would love to hear some sermons on heaven since he would be going there soon. His wife died last year. I'm praying about it. It would be a neat study.

Pastor Randy said...

But what about the fact that they can have their best life now? :)

Philippians is great. I taught through it here when I first came. I look forward to hearing what you decide. Praying the Lord blesses you and your church. And yes, I think heaven is definitely a good topic to preach on. I'll have a sermon or two on that when I conclude this series.

Justin Nale said...

Building off of what Scott said, perhaps you could add a message on The Christian Life. You could explain mortification, vivification, and how these relate to all the means of grace (Bible study, prayer, Christian Fellowship, etc.) This would also give you an opportunity to talk about evangelism and missions as a part of the Christian life. It would be a good preparatory message for the one on the Church.

Pastor Randy said...

That's good Justin. Thanks!

BoldLion said...

I will have to second Justin Nale's comment. I was thinking of the same thing and prayer life too.

They all need to be hungry to eat His Word and have a Mary time to sit at His Feet as they are eating His Word!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Pastor Dan Rolfe said...

Leave it to JN to use a word like "vivification". That guy is so smart he scares me sometimes.

I like what you are planning Randy! I might add something on worship or at least have it be a main point of #6. I think worship is definitely a foundational part of our faith.

Anonymous said...

You left out the sacraments...it could go in pastor justin's topic on the christian life...

Pastor Randy said...

Thanks! Keep them coming.

BoldLion said...

Question about when are you preaching this? Sunday morning or night or Wednesday night. This seems to be more of Bible Study type like Sunday night, or Care Group, or Wednesday night.

I do hope that you are still preaching Expository on Sunday morning!

I am looking forward to hear from you all!

Hungry to eat His Word,
'Guerite ~ BoldLion

Pastor Randy said...

Good question 'Guerite. I do primarily preach through books of the BIble. Although, I do also occasionally preach on other subjects. This will be a Sunday morning study when I have the majority of the church gathered together.