Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home Worship

Since were are unable to gather for worship this morning with FBC, I want to give you a few thinks to consider. Even though we aren't gathering together, we can still lead our families, and ourselves, to worship. There are many ways this can take place in your home, so I want to give you a couple of options. We have just recently started recording and putting our sermons online on our church's website. You can go there an listen to one of the past 2 sermons, and there is one I preached a couple of years ago at a friends church. You can also find thousands upon thousands of sermons online by a variety of good preachers that may help minister to your soul.

I would also be good for you and your family to gather together this morning and sing songs/hymns together. You're at home, so feel free to think through the best way to do this. However, I hope you will not waste your morning, but use it to honor Christ with your family. Let's live our lives (even/especially at home) in such a way that Christ proves to be your Treasure!

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