Friday, February 19, 2010

It IS Goodnews!

When I was preparing my sermon for this past Sunday it dawned on me that we often treat the gospel as if it were bad news. Let me explain. It may just be me (though I doubt that), but often times when I have a chance to share the gospel with someone I have fear start to rise up within me. I wonder if it's because I'm not convinced that it's GOOD news. Maybe I'm convinced that it's good news, but I feel they may not agree. To put it another way, it really doesn't seem like good news when people do not realize the depth of their own depravity and the fact that Hell is a real place. If people really knew they were lost, without Christ, and facing the just judgment of God, then maybe they would see it as good news. But many people do not believe that and, I'm convinced, many of us who belong to Christ haven't really thought it through either. After all, if we are really not all that bad, and we have nothing to worry about for eternity, and we can enjoy our lives while on this earth indulging in the things of this world, then how can we say it's good news? Christian, we must realize it is good news. We must be bold in its proclamation because without this news no one will ever be saved. Christ dying in place of sinners and purchasing a people for Himself is very, very good news. I pray that we (definitely including myself) will not treat the gospel of grace found in Christ alone as bad news that we're afraid to share with others, but rather we'll see it as the greatest news one will ever hear. May we proclaim it boldly and humbly that Christ may be exalted as He draws people unto Himself.

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