Friday, February 5, 2010

Where your Treasure where your Money goes

I have been reading The Treasure Principle and it has been fantastic. I highly recommend it for every believer. It is a small, easy to read book that any and everyone can read. In the book Randy Alcorn brings out much about storing up treasure in heaven rather than treasure on earth. He talks about learning to live off a particular amount (which will vary with people) and learning to give the rest away for the Kingdom. I have been very convicted about this in my own personal life.

However, this post is geared more toward our churches. I think we must think very clearly through this as we prepare our yearly budgets. Where is the majority of your church budget? Of course, this needs to be looked at on personal, individual situations as well, but I really wonder where most of our "Great Commission" churches put their money. I have no intention (or desire) to go and look at everyone's budgets, but wherever the money is going shows what that particular body finds most important.

In the SBC there is a lot of talk about what the state conventions and the national convention puts their money towards, and there should be. They are to represent the churches who give to them. However, my guess is that they DO represent most of the churches who give to them. Maybe I'm way off here, but with the few churches that I've been familiar enough with to say this, my experience is we claim to be Great Commission churches, but we hold our money more for ourselves. I wonder, church, when we will recognize that we belong to Christ and are about His mission to make disciples of all nations.

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