Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ministry of the Word Draws and Hardens

Many people love the aspect of the ministry of the Word that draws people closer to the Lord. I love that! It's the greatest pleasure in preaching/teaching to know that the Lord is using what you teach through His Word to draw many unto Him. However, the ministry of the Word also pushes others away. For those who do not believe, it serves to harden their hearts towards the Lord. I have meditated on this one sentence from Charles Bridges:
For if it be joyous to convert, how afflicting to harden, by our ministry!--specially in the fear, that the more lively the energy for conversion, in the same proportion is its influence for judicial condemnation.
As I've meditated on this truth throughout the day today, I have found myself at times extremely excited to preach, and extremely burdened for those who continue to rebel against the Sovereign and Just God.

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