Friday, January 7, 2011

Who is Sufficient?

When you think of the calling of a pastor, is there really anyone sufficient for so great a task? If taken seriously, the answer is no. However, as I have just started reading Charles Bridges' book, The Christian Ministry with An Inquiry into the Causes of its Inefficiency, he writes something that I think is extremely foundational and encouraging:
"Who, whether man or angel, "is sufficient" to open "the wisdom of God in a mystery"--to speak what in its full extent is "unspeakable"--to make known that which "passeth knowledge"--to bear the fearful weight of the care of souls? Who hath skill and strength proportionate? Who has a mind and temper to direct and sustain so vast a work? If our Great Master had not himself answered these appalling questions by his promise--"My grace is sufficient for thee;" and if the experience of faith did not demonstrably prove, that "our sufficiency is of God;" who, with an enlightened apprehension, could enter upon such an awful service; or, if entered, continue in it?"
Pastors, remember that we are only able in Christ Jesus!

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