Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Preparing for Myanmar

In just a few more days I leave for Myanmar. I am extremely excited to be back with my friends there, and look forward to making new ones. While there I will have the opportunity to preach 6 times and teach 6 times. Below is the list of my sermons and teaching topics:

Luke 9:18-27 - Take up Your Cross and Follow Jesus
Luke 9:57-62 - Be Devoted in your Pursuit of Christ
Luke 14:25-35 - The Cost of Discipleship
James 1:1-4 - Joy in the Trials
Philippians 3:8-11 - To Know Christ and to Make Him Known
Romans 10:13-17 - Sent to Preach

Teaching Topics:
God's Word is Sufficient
God's Spirit is Active
God's Son is Worthy
God's Gospel is Powerful
God's Name will be Great
God's Harvest is Plentiful

Would you please pray for me as I finalize my preparations for these talks? Would you please pray the gospel would be clear?

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