Sunday, April 27, 2008

Walk by the Spirit

I had the opportunity to preach at Enfield Baptist Church this morning.  I spoke on Galatians 5:16-26 and spoke about the importance of walking by the Spirit.  Paul gives a command to actively and continually walk by the Spirit in verse 16.  Our flesh is at war with the Spirit who is dwelling within those who believe.  I have not typically been good at given specific ways to apply the text.  However, I did give five practical ways that we can actively try to walk by the Spirit.
1.  Learn your Bible.  When Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert, He used Scripture to fight the battle.  There is nothing in this life that we will be tempted by that Scripture cannot fight.
2.  Learn to pray.  Most of us pray when times are tough, but we need to learn to pray without ceasing so that we will be prepared in our walk with God to fight our flesh at all times.
3.  Find accountability within your local church.  The Christian life was never meant to be a solo journey.  James 5:16 tells us to confess our sins to one another and to pray for one another.  We all need this in our lives.
4.  Place your hope in the finished work of Christ.  While we will battle against our flesh in this life, Jesus has already won the war.  He who began a good work will bring it to completion.
5.  Remember where you've come from.  Look back over the journey of your life since you came to Christ, and let that be an encouragement to you.  Your sanctification ought help you in your daily battles.
If you claim the name of Christ then you have crucified the flesh.  If you say you are in Christ, and yet you do not feel the war against sin, you need to check and see if you really have the Spirit living within you.

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