Wednesday, January 18, 2012

9 Keys to Reaching College Students

Our church is seeking and praying through how we might more effectively engage the students on Edison State College's campus. We are only a couple blocks away from the campus, the student body is growing, they are now putting in dorms, and we want to minister to these men and women. I found this article helpful as we think and pray through this opportunity.

The Nine Keys are:

1. Whatever you do, don't shy away from depth

2. Preach the gospel

3. Love on display is often the most effective apologetic

4. Remember that we live in the Bono generation

5. Lift their eyes to the nations

6. Aggressively develop summer projects and overseas opportunities

7. One-on-one meetings and small groups are often more effective for evangelism than large gatherings

8. Providing multigenerational connections within the church is essential to discipleship

9. Cultural adaptation is important, though not essential

You can read the whole article here:

9 Keys to Reaching College Students

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