Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don’t Give up on the Evening Service – Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung has written a post about not giving up on the evening service. This is an area that I have thought a ton about over the past several years. The past couple churches I've served as pastor of have a significantly smaller crowd on Sunday evening. I also see the benefit of small group settings where believers can pray for one another, encourage one another, exhort one another, and seek to apply the other 'one another' passages of the NT. Of course, this doesn't have to happen through a small group ministry, but I can see how it could.

With that being said, I have recently started thinking that a recovery rather than an abandonment of the evening service might be better for CLBC. We have one. We have about 25% come back. It appears we are in a similar situation (though smaller) as Kevin DeYoung's church. As I have reflected more and more on the Lord's Day I have come to the place where I think it's best for our church to continue what we have, but to make it better (by intentionally focusing on what needs to be focused on).

I like a lot of what DeYoung says in this post, but I must admit I wish he elaborated more on his points at the end. You can click on the link below to read his post. In a world and time when so many other things are going on around us, I think it may be helpful to truly set aside the whole day to gather with God's people, rest in Christ, and sit under God's Word.

**Others also pointed out that they wished DeYoung elaborated on his concluding points. He has now added to those. What are your thoughts? 

Don’t Give up on the Evening Service – Kevin DeYoung:

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