Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why am I blogging?

The title of this post is a question that I have asked myself a thousand times in the past couple years. The truth is blogging has often been more of a burden than a joy. However, I have thought much about blogging and my motivation for it. I have shifted a couple times over the years, but never really stuck to a particular 'goal' in blogging. With that being said, this blog is either going to be more intentional (and I hope better) or it will be shut down.

So why should I blog? Let me give you three quick reasons for my continued blogging.

First I think "if" I blog it must be for the glory of God. All things are to be for His glory and this includes blogging. If I am motivated by anything else I have missed the point of this blog.

Second I want to blog for the good of the church. Specifically I want to blog for the good of Cypress Lake Baptist Church where God has so graciously allowed me to pastor. Secondarily I hope that my blogging will benefit the people of God throughout the world as well.

Third, I realize this is my blog. Therefore it will reflect me. It will reflect many of my own personal thoughts. It will reflect some of my personal life. I have purposefully not made this my primary focus, but it will come out nevertheless.

With these three thoughts being said, I would like to give this blog a name that better captures my desires. Any suggestions?


Dan Sardinas said...

Looking forward to it, brother!

Reformed Renegade said...

How about, "Thoughts from Cypress Lake"?

Pastor Randy said...

Reformed Renegade, Thank you for the suggestion. My only hesitation is that some of the thoughts on this blog will be my own and may not really reflect my church yet. I am in a revitalizing process at CLBC and have only been here for about 16 months. That may (should) change over time though.